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When you purchase a box of Winsor Chocolates, you will be happy to know that a small percentage goes directly to fighting breast cancer. Founder, Brett Winsor Wagenbach, wanted to honor her mother Deborah, who in addition to sharing the same middle name "Winsor", passed away after a long fight with Breast Cancer in 1987. After raising almost $80,000 in her memory through 2 major fundraisers (BACH, Climb to Fight Breast Cancer), she continues to honor the memory of her mother by raising money to help those that are still fighting this disease.

Winsor Chocolates was started simply by wanting to provide something "yummy" to bring to holiday family gatherings. Over the years, the delectable mouthfuls made it to Santa's wish lists and humble requests and hounding for more poured in.

Handmade, Winsor Chocolates are a wonderful holiday, birthday, housewarming or thank you gift for family, friends, colleagues, bosses (maybe not?), or just a nice treat for yourself. Known to be a delicious reward at the end of the day with a glass of wine or even thrown into a smoothie, this chocolate treat is yours for the taking!

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